Hands-on & look and learn workshops

In-Person Workshops

Colour Art Workshops

From the essential learning of Colour Primary focusing on the must-know of NAK colour, to advanced creative and inspirational colouring techniques, encompassing skills and knowledge found in our Foil Tech and Evolve workshops.

Styling Workshops

Designed for stylists wanting to know more about the best quick and easy techniques. You will learn about the NAK Signature and ORI Lab styling ranges, know the best products to cocktail and how to achieve a salon-friendly editorial look every time.
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Elevate your salon business with the NAK Hair Collective. This program has been designed to enhance operational efficiency, foster a collaborative environment, and accelerate your professional growth. 

Guest educators

We have curated a team of inspiring Guest Educators to share their incredible talent and skills. Come join the Salon Ambassador series, or learn from our Guest Artisans as they showcase the full potential of the diverse NAK range. 
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