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In the world according to ROH, ‘good hair day’ gets a major
upgrade to ‘great scalp day,’ because we know that’s where
the real story starts: right at the root.

Our universal scalp and hair care range focuses on nurturing, protecting and repairing your scalp microbiome, with products rooted in hair science for your happiest, healthiest hair ever.

Whether you’re aiming to soothe that itchy scalp, reduce flaking or achieve healthier hair, our selection of actives work at the root of the problem.

We are solution-focused, science-backed and obsessed with using the most efficacious ingredients inside our ROH Elixir.

Your ROH Journey Will Cover

    • Microbiome
    • The ROH Elixir
    • Wash & Condition
    • Daily Heroes
    • Scalp & Hair Saviours
    • The ROH Rituals
    • Ingredient Facts
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