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Style Craft

Hair besties business session - LOOK & LEARN

Mastering the Art of Hairdressing Business

Wade Ambler - WAK The Salon
Lauren Main - The Rumours Are True

Lauren and Wade are paving the way for a new era in the beauty industry, seamlessly blending creativity, and business acumen to redefine contemporary salon experiences.

Targeted to business owners and managers, this intimate experience will deep dive into the world of salon ownership. Understanding your target market is crucial. Tailor your salon's ambiance, services, and pricing to meet the unique needs and preferences of your clientele. A successful salon is not just a place for haircuts; it's an experience. Create an inviting atmosphere that fosters a sense of relaxation and luxury.

In the realm of salon ownership, success is not just about scissors and styling – it's about passion, business savvy, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional beauty experiences!

Your style craft Journey Will Cover

  • Creating the Best Salon Experience
  • Building the Right Team
  • How to Keep your Team Motivated
  • Consultation Guide
  • Ensuring you get the perfect content for Instagram and Facebook
  • How to Manage your Salon, the World of Social Media and be Successful




Registration 9.45am | Start 10.00am | Finish 2pm


Light refreshments, handouts, Style Craft e-certificate

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