Two day workshop

Ultimate Colour Masterclass

If you're contemplating attending a single workshop in 2024 to elevate your colour expertise, look no further. The Colour Kaleidoscope Masterclass, spanning two days, is meticulously designed to catapult you beyond your current colour knowledge, ensuring your skills reach new heights.

Hosted exclusively at NAK HQ in Brisbane, QLD, the Colour Kaleidoscope Masterclass stands as the ultimate in Colour, science, and hair knowledge workshops. Geared towards achieving Colour Mastery at an advanced level, the event is facilitated by our highly trained and skilled Educators, ready to guide you through the ins and outs of advanced Colour Mastery.

Your kaleidoscope journey Will Cover

  • Colour Chemistry & Science
  • Advanced Colour Knowledge - NAK Permanent & Soft
  • Blonde360 Lightening
  • Evolve Colour Trends - Hands on workshop
  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Special Guest Artisan Kyanna Bismark




Day One: Registration 9.15am | Start 9.30am | Finish 4pm

Day Two: Registration 8.45am | Start 9am | Finish 3.30pm


Hairdressing equipment


Lunch, products, NAK Colour Manual, Liquid Gloss Manual, Kaleidoscope e-Certificate

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