Hair Lab

LOOK & LEARN workshop

Beyond the Strand

Enter the world of chemistry and the science of colour. Understand how colour works and the effects colour has on the hair fabric, and the skin mantle along with the unique texture and canvas of hair. Learn what’s inside a tube of colour, understand pH, dye compounds and coupling agents as well as the structure of hair. This training will cover the most updated explanations to empower your colour selection.

View colour through the eyes of a Scientist as you take a journey into the strand to discover the extraordinary properties and flexibility of the human hair strand.

Your hair lab Journey Will Cover

  • The Biology of the Hair Strand
  • Hair Colour Chemistry
  • Level-up your Colours
  • The pH scale - New Age Lightening
  • Hands-on Colour Swatching Session




Registration 9am | Start 9.15am | Finish 3.30pm


Lunch, products, Colour Testing swatches, NAK Colour Manual & Hair Lab e-certificate

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