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Colour Sphere


Colour Techniques, Trends & Formulas

Dive into a curated selection of videos showcasing creative coloring techniques that go beyond the ordinary. Embark on an exploration to discover the latest trends, formulas, and innovative approaches in coloring. These videos serve as a dynamic resource, offering insights that not only refresh but also inspire your understanding of color. This online experience is designed to invigorate your color knowledge, providing you with a well rounded perspective on contemporary coloring techniques.

your colour sphere journey will cover

    • NAK Liquid Gloss Colouring
    • Root Stretch & Tap
    • Classic Balayage 
    • Evolve - Express Balayage
    • Evolve - Basin Balayage
    • Evolve - Quick Foiling Chevron
    • Evolve - Shine Line Sun Shadow
    • Evolve - Zone Colour
    • Evolve - Re-basing Lowlights
Colour Sphere modules and quizzes must be completed with a score of 100% to receive your NAK Colour Sphere e-Certificate.